Glass & Aluminium

Mpumelelo2 is a leading glass and aluminium manufacturer and installer based in Johannesburg and offer a wide variety of products.

We offer a wide range of glazing solutions in Gauteng:

  • Clip44 Shopfronts & Doors
  • Sliding Doors – Palace / Patio Slider / Elite & Acacia
  • Sliding Windows – Palace / Patio Slider / Elite & Acacia
  • Mirrors – Normal / Recessed & Bevelled Edge
  • Curtain Walls – Flush Glazed & Pressure Glazed
  • Facade – Spider / Flush Glazed & Pressure Glazed
  • Casement Windows – 30.5 / 34 & 38
  • Vistafolds Stacking Folding Door
  • Framed & Frameless Showers 
  • Frameless Glass Partitions
  • Aliplast Systems
  • Boabab Tilt & Turn Systems
  • Aliplast windows & doors
  • Sunflex Frameless Systems
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Best Glass & Aluminium Manufacturer and Installer in Johannesburg

Glass, as a beautiful transparent material, allows natural light into a building.

Certain types of glass are available in warmer climates that will best reflect heat to maintain an optimal internal temperature, reducing the need for air conditioning and ventilation.

If you’re thinking green, aluminium is the best choice because it’s strong, light, and durable, as well as one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient materials used in today’s buildings.

Together aluminium & glass works well to maintain an energy-efficient home and are durable with minimal maintenance.

We are a glass and aluminium company in Johannesburg and service clients throughout Gauteng.

Other Services:

Ceiling and Bulkhead Installations

Drywall Partitioning Installations

What we do best

As glass and aluminium contractors in Gauteng, we offer the following variety:

Clip44 Shopfronts & Doors

The Clip 44 Suite is the most comprehensive and versatile shopfront system available, supporting sliding, hinged, pivot doors, and automated doors.

The Clip 44 is thermally efficient and weatherproof due to the wide range of available profiles.

A wide variety of configurations are available that can accommodate hinged and sliding doors, as well as a variety of window styles.

Sliding Doors & Windows – Palace / Patio Slider / Elite & Acacia

Palace doors are heavy-duty sliding doors that are ideal for applications with high wind and deflection. The doors come in two-, three-, four-, and six-panel configurations, or window inserts in the last panel can be used to replace a sidelight. Laminated Safety Glass, Toughened Safety Glass, and Double Glazing Sealed Safety Glass are all options for Palace sliding folding doors.

Aluminium Sliding windows open horizontally along top and bottom tracks in the window frame and are frequently used to frame a view.Because of their sleek appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance, they are a popular, modern, and stylish window choice for contemporary-style homes and businesses.

The Patio & Elite Sliders are a more economical choice yet still giving you a polished finish.

Acacia is an entry level import from the European market and is the latest growing addition to our offerings.

Mirrors – Normal / Recessed & Bevelled Edge

The bevelled wall mirror is one of the plush wall mirrors that can be found in homes or businesses.  Bevelled wall mirrors have edges that are cut at an angle to give the appearance of a framed edge around it. The edge gives these mirrors an embellished, subtle look that gives them a finished look that regular mirrors lack.  Wall mirrors with bevelled edges are thought to be safer because the sides have been polished, which includes grinding out any minor flaws that may have occurred during the cutting process. 

A recessed mirror is inserted directly into the wall before tilling thus disappearing almost completely from the surface creating this ‘floating mirror’ effect.

A normal mirror will be installed ontop of the tiles.

Curtain Walls – Flush Glazed & Pressure Glazed

Curtain walls provide a clean, sophisticated, and one-of-a-kind appearance that is now associated with modern design.   It is a strong yet lightweight solution that enable designers to create imaginative, high-performance structures.

Facade – Spider / Flush Glazed & Pressure Glazed

A Spider Facade is a static modern glass facade with point connections connecting the glass to the structure. It is commonly used in commercial and office buildings, and unlike Curtin Wall facades, there are no vertical or horizontal structures visible.

Casement Windows – 30.5 / 34 & 38

Casement windows, the earliest type of movable window, is aluminium framed and has hinges or pivots on the upright side of the vertically hung sash, allowing it to open outward or inward along its entire length like a door. The difference between 30.5, 34 & 38 is the thickness of the aluminium material used as each one creates a different look depending on your taste and pocket.

Vistafolds Stacking Folding Door

Aluminium Sliding / Folding Doors are stackable folding doors made of multiple panels that slide and stack neatly to one or two sides and allows for a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, with no barriers or obstructions.  Multiple combination openings up to 10 or 12 metres in length can be easily managed.

Framed & Frameless Showers 

Frameless showers have grown in popularity in recent years, both in South Africa and around the world. A frameless shower door is distinguished by glass panes that encase a shower but do not have a metal frame. Frameless shower doors, with their minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, add a modern, open, and timeless feel to any bathroom environment.

Frameless Glass Partitions

The frameless glass partition is a contemporary alternative to the traditional drywall structure. In small spaces, a glass wall is essential for making the most of the available space.  The most common type of glass used in partitioning is toughened glass. This glass is toughened by heating, making it four to five times stronger and more durable than annealed glass.

Aliplast Systems

Aluminium is long-lasting and fashionable which is ideal for Aliplast windows and doors due to its unique properties and benefits. It is elegant, slim, and with increased light intensity with thermal breaks and suitable for applications requiring more stringent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Boabab Tilt & Turn Systems

Because of internal locking mechanisms on all four sides, tilt and turn windows are the most secure windows on the market.  They are extremely adaptable when it comes to opening and creating airflows. You can tilt these windows just a little for ventilation, or completely open them for easy cleaning from the inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, double glazing is worth it in South Africa because it prevents excess moisture from building up on your windowpanes.

Low-E glass refers to windows with a microscopically thin coating that is transparent and reflects heat.

The most common thickness of glass used in South Africa is either 3mm or 4mm.